Our Services

Criminal Defense Mitigation

  • Provide mitigation consulting services to criminal defense attorneys in behalf of their clients
  • Assist defense attorneys in preparing case strategies prior to plea negotiations and/plea agreements
  • Preparation of mitigation arguments and sentencing memoranda
  • Investigation of client’s background, assess mitigating factors and sentencing arguments for downward departures and alternatives to incarceration.

In Federal cases address the statutory sentencing factors enumerated in §3553(a). Presentation of artful expositions of mitigating factors in a client’s personal profile or offense conduct; challenges to the assumptions underlying the guidelines as applied to a particular client; articulating how the statutory objectives of sentencing would be achieved by a non-guidelines sentence; and helping the District Court frame a non-frivolous rationale for leniency.

Mitigation in Federal/State Death Penalty Cases

  • Post Sentencing Mitigation
  • Preparation of supportive information including written memoranda in behalf of a client appearing before parole and/or pardons panels
  • Advocacy for clients in Federal/State correctional facilities including prison classification, transfers, and community release

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About Clinton J. Roberts

Clint Roberts has testified in state cases in all of Connecticut’s Judicial District Courts and in selected cases in the United States District Court 2nd and 3rd Circuits. Mr. Roberts works with privately retained criminal defense attorneys and public defenders. Mr. Roberts has been approved in specific cases to assist court appointed criminal defense attorneys in Federal cases (CJA approved cases).