When you’re accused of a capital crime, you become a defendant in a court case. You’ll likely realize that the State and Federal Governments have nearly unlimited resources to prosecute you. If they win the case, your conviction often results in you going to prison.

To help in reaching a fair outcome, you’ll retain a defense attorney or have one appointed by the court. Also, you want to add a criminal defense mitigation specialist to your team as soon as possible.

Why? Because judges are obligated to consider all mitigating factors in your case. Mitigation specialists help your defense counsel tell your full background story, so the court considers all the positive aspects of your life.

What Do Mitigation Specialists Do?

We’re Clinton J. Roberts & Associates, Connecticut criminal mitigation specialists. We work closely with your defense attorneys to create a strong and effective defense team.

We investigate your background and clearly detail it with mitigation evidence for your attorney’s presentation to the judge and jury. Your defense team wants the court to deliberate overall favorable characteristics of your life, so they choose a less severe and more reasonable sentence in your case.

Add Us to Your Defense Team As Soon As Possible

The earlier that Clinton J. Roberts & Associates fully participate with your defense counsel, the better it will be. It takes time to research your full history, deliver it to your attorney and establish an effective defense strategy.

Research Mitigation Evidence to Support Defense Strategy

Our mitigation specialists collect and compile information to support your defense. It includes—

  • Interviews with you, the defendant
  • Interviews with your family, community members, and work colleagues
  • Verification of all information you report
  • Verification of mental and physical health issues
  • Review all pertinent records
  • Determining the nature of your criminal offense such as financial, drugs, violent crime, and if it involved any victims

Clinton J. Roberts & Associates criminal defense services to attorneys include—

  • Mitigation consulting in behalf of your clients
  • Assistance in preparing case strategies before plea negotiations and plea agreements
  • Preparation of mitigation arguments and sentencing memoranda
  • Investigation of a client’s background
  • Assessing mitigation factors and sentencing arguments for downward departures and alternatives to incarceration

In Federal cases, our mitigation experts address the statutory sentencing factors enumerated in §3553(a), “Presentation of artful expositions of mitigating factors in a client’s personal profile or offense conduct; challenges to the assumptions underlying the guidelines as applied to a particular client; articulating how the statutory objectives of sentencing would be achieved by a non-guidelines sentence; and helping the District Court frame a non-frivolous rationale for leniency.”

Mitigation Services in Federal and State Death Penalty Cases

Clinton J. Roberts & Associates assists defense counsel with—

  • Post-sentencing mitigation
  • Preparation of supportive information including written memoranda in behalf of a client appearing before parole and pardons panels
  • Advocacy for clients in Federal and State correctional facilities including prison classification, transfers, and community release

To Help Your Defense

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