Assessing Mitigation Evidence

In working on your defense team, Clinton J. Roberts & Associates will identify possible alternatives to incarceration if you’re convicted. The judge may sentence you to community supervision if they determine that prison is more than necessary punishment.

As your defense mitigation team, we assess the strengths and weaknesses of your mitigation evidence for recommending a sentence other than jail time.

Alternatives to Incarceration


The judge could order your prison sentence suspended for you to perform a period of probation, such as completing drug treatment. Probation may allow you to remain in your community but with limits and obligations on your freedom.

Considerations for probation include your cognitive ability, education, and employment. It includes your residence, family, health and sobriety, and community connections. And you must remain in compliance with the law.


If you are serving a prison term, mitigating evidence can support your early release or parole. Parole, like a probation decision, is an alternative to incarceration.

During your parole, you will be supervised and on the condition of ethical behavior in the community. And like probation, there will be limits and obligations on your freedom.

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