Clinton J. Roberts

Clinton J. Roberts

In Connecticut and throughout the United States, the Criminal Justice System has had centuries to become extremely complicated with laws, regulations and traditions that serve a variety of political, civic and victim interests.

Defendants accused of a crime often feel at a significant disadvantage because they quickly realize that the State and Federal Governments have nearly unlimited resources to prosecute the individual with the objective of winning a conviction that often leads to prison.

The United States has the largest per capita prison population in the world and defendants understand they need balance on their side to help win a case with the top legal representation and strong case strategy from the outset.

We are mitigation specialists who work closely with criminal defense attorneys to create a strong and effective defense team.

We invite you and your family member to complete the brief questionnaire in the contact section. This will give us an opportunity to contact you with any additional questions that we may have so we might make suggestions as to how we could provide assistance to your attorney in representing you.

If you have already retained an attorney and have counsel in place, then it would be more appropriate for us to speak directly with your lawyer and you can give us that contact information in your questionnaire.

We have been part of hundreds of criminal defense cases and operate as a member of the team dedicated to your best possible defense and seeking your best possible outcome.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Clinton J. Roberts

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